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Welcome To Lemonade Dreams

Life gave us lemons so we gave you lemonade

Our luxury mother-daughter duo, a mobile lemonade stand, will travel anywhere in Western Massachusetts. We can customize an innovative menu of lemonade flavors specific to your event's taste. 


We will provide a reliable and professional mobile lemonade service for any occasion that requires drinks. We're a luxurious way to quench your thirst with our delicious, refreshing lemonade.

Our freshly-made drinks guarantee great flavor and convenience. We're always there for weddings, private parties, business gatherings, birthdays, and holiday parties. 


Over the summer of 22’, we had one lemonade stand that became a business venture. The community loved Autumn and loved our lemonade. Every weekend we’d go out with our picnic table and sell out. Word started getting out; we then started getting booked for parties and events. This past December, I took the leap of faith and purchased a mobile food trailer to convert into a mobile lemonade stand for this upcoming summer

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